ProofreadingServices-247 was founded in 2010 in UK. We offer education advisor services to help and guidance to anyone who want to study in the UK. We have commitment in offering a high quality professional service. In order to do this, we are doing a continuous research within universities in our research targeted areas and we also track the increasing number of students every year.

ProofreadingServices-247 are also offering our help to anyone who working on academic papers. Good written essay is one of the most important skills you will gain at college or UK university. Academic achievement is not just about understand some facts; it's also about skilled communication and clear communication is quite hard without accurate spelling, good English grammar and writing without grammar mistakes.

You can think and advise how you want correct your document. In most of the cases our proofreader will check the paper by using the track changes function in word. If you would like then you can get back the original document and the corrected version. The corrected work can be downloaded from your account on our website. Fast proofreading service can be available but please allow at least 24h turnaround. If you would like to get your corrected document urgently, it is possible but please note the fee will be a bit higher. After we received your document we will count a total number of words and give you the final price.

Our proofreading team members are all native English speakers and holding a UK degrees (PhD and Master). Most of our editors are working in academic.

Proofreading Service Education Advisor

Need help writing or proofreading your essay or dissertation. Need perfect English on your final work.