Why should a web-site be proofread

Why should a website be proofread?

Recent studies carried out by the well-known web user Mr Jakob Nielsen, the results of which were published on the pages of the New York Times, showed that only 16% users read Internet articles in full , while others simply scan them. Therefore, it is very important to thoroughly proofread and format any texts to be placed online. A carefully chosen proofreader for formatting will help the visitors of your website quickly navigate, view and find the data they are interested in.

It is easier to draw and keep the attention of web readers by offering them short notes. You put efforts to win users’ attention, but they might not get the point, the main idea of your text, but get lost in the endless text blocks. If you ask a professional proofreader to edit and proofread the text content, it will be done and the website will be significantly improved.

We may provide a few examples related to the issue: An unremarkable title easily allows your paper to get drowned in the ocean of others, having also gray and boring headings, cramming in the search engines. Try and create a header, being bright, concise and eye-catching. Make it appealing. Show the main benefits and give a hint of the possible solution.

Try and include useful and valuable information in the note. Share your knowledge and experience. Your case studies will meet readers’ needs of practical information, gain credibility of the paper and positive a attitude. The article should include an introduction and a summary. Readers are not willing to read facts only. They want to interact with you, reading an informative introduction, practical tips to conclusions and an executive summary based on your personal experience. Thus, if you come up to their expectations, you will find the loyal audience, who use their word of mouth by recommending you to their friends and colleagues. Therefore, our proofreaders may facilitate this writing for you.