How to find an efficient proofreading and editing service?

Just a short glimpse at the Internet search results provides you with the picture of the variety of proofreading companies all of which compete for your attention. At first you need to check if the company is registered. Then, if you see that the company has a thousand of facebook "Likes" on their websites, you should be aware that they are all fake. It is just not true. Try to reason whether it is possible for a company that has been on the market for one or two years to have about 100,000 “likes”. Two years means 730 days and thus 100.000/730 = 137 users per day. In other words, all these likes are just fake, provided by a SEO company for money. Therefore, I would not trust a website, showing so many facebook "likes" as it cannot be a real operating proofreading company.

Then you need to check if the proofreading company has its registered postal address. It is up to you to decide on the entity to commission your work to, but, anyway, reading the above aspects you will be ready to make your final choice.

Normally, graduates of philological faculties of universities or teacher training colleges, may become proofreaders. Nevertheless, the qualifications are not so crucial , since all these experts are most often employed upon the results of respective tests (test texts are given to applicants with mistakes, demanding to find them and correct). Perfect literacy, impeccable knowledge of spelling, punctuation as well as other rules related to the text publication. This profession is hardly suitable for a person who has problems with academic writing or for the one who is fidgety and highly sociable. Accuracy, attentiveness, diligence are a must since a proofreader has to read about one hundred pages a day.

Efficient proofreading and editing service