In the distant past, people could not think of a transnational communication. In our time the border between the two countries and kontinentamiabsolyutno erased what the Internet and translation activities play a major role. Professional translators can make a translation into Russian from any language in the world. It may seem that the transfer can be engaged in each and it does not take long. Therefore, referring to a translation agency, many customers wonder why professionals need more than half an hour to process multiple pages. In fact, apart from the translation process, finished materials must pass the proofreading, editing, and notarized ..

Proofreading of the text is needed in order to check the text for all sorts of errors: grammatical, stylistic, spelling and syntax. This excludes the use of appropriateness of various terms. It is worth noting that the proofs of honor takes fourth the price of translation. While editing or proofreading the material checked by all of the terms that appear in the text. This requires consultation with experts in a specific field, including representatives of the client company. After that, only the editor comments on inconsistencies and errors themselves.

Proofread a speech

Correct speech - a card of any person. Similarly, high-quality text correctly reflect the professionalism of your site. And, if you can avoid a lot of grammatical errors, typos it from no one is immune. Why, even re-reading your text several times, we sometimes can not detect these discrepancies? How most effectively to check their own texts to support the professionalism of the site? Of course, if you budget allows, you can always seek help from a professional - proofreader, who thoroughly deduct your text and make it grammatically and stylistically clever. However, if the funds for the services of a professional you do not have, arm your school knowledge, dictionaries and online services for the spelling checker, as will induce errors on the site visitors on the idea that you are competent in general. In addition, to help you, we have prepared some important points that will help you check your own text.

First, let's try to understand why we are so difficult to detect errors in the texts. Proofreading requires a lot of time and attention to detail - which is exactly what most of us lack. We need to have time to do every day a huge number of cases, checking e-mail and social networks, respond to messages and so on. In this rhythm, we simply cease to notice spelling mistakes, because our brain simply does not have time to process them. Another factor that prevents us to immediately see the typos in the text - this is just our brains, or rather, how it works. When we read, our brain scans text and focuses on its meaning, rather than to catch the individual letters in the words and their order. It turns out, for the brain is more important than understanding the meaning of written, not spelling. On the one hand, this makes our reading faster. On the other - the quality of our own texts may be reduced, because the brain is even more difficult to notice their own mistakes.

It sounds trite, because it is clear to anyone that the verification of texts requires a rigorous approach. But sometimes, especially when checking their own texts, we tend to "swallow" some words or whole phrases. It is important to read every word of it, not allowing myself to scan the offer to see the written text. Try to change the font size larger, read every word in a sentence from the beginning, and then from the end, - in general, apply all the things you normally would not do in normal reading.

If you wrote the text today, for its effective verification postpone it until tomorrow to look at it with fresh eyes. Even if you have no time to postpone the article and check it the next day, a break from it at least a couple of hours. Never attempt to start checking the text immediately after you wrote it.

If you wrote an important text for your website, and you have a friend, ready to help - do not give up this opportunity! Your friend does not need to deceive your mind when reading your text, because he sees it for the first time. So, notice errors or omissions it will be much easier. Also, try to find a friend, not very versed in the field, about which you wrote, as an expert on your topic can begin to scan the text.

If you notice that wrote "ever" with "ever" and you know what use that word in the text several times, correct the error immediately and everywhere! Please use the search function (open the search box the key combination Ctrl + F or Command + F) and the correct spelling of occurring once in all cases. If you do not do this right, you're guaranteed to miss an error in at least one place. Such a method will help you to identify your "favorite" mistakes and learn to avoid them in the future, or to find them faster. For example, if you know that you can write "agency" instead of "agency", pay attention to these cases during the scan.

The word "agency" or any other common word would not hurt if you make a mistake in his writing. However, the same can not be said about the people. Respect for people, cities or other proper names that you use in your lyrics, and check their writing several times. If you are not sure how to spell a particular name or the name of the place, get the official site and copy writing from there.

If you use a function to correct a Word or any other service, be careful and cautious when making the proposed changes. Sometimes, they can result in missing words, affixes, or not agreed forms of words, double spaces, extra commas, and so on. So, if you use special services for spell checking, do not forget to check the text for them.

Persistence in the choice of punctuation, spelling and number of units may be evident and annoying, no less than the error. It is important to choose a single word to your method of writing and follow it. Most cases can be problematic: the quotes "" or "" numbers, such as "5" or "five" units and their abbreviations - "m", "m" or "m." Pay attention to the headlines, photo captions, and even a footnote - the only way you can make your text logical and consistent.