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We edit any documents including: CVs and cover letters, Website editing and content rewriting, Newsletters, Letters to Editors.

At times It is hard to express ideas and concepts freely in writing, and many people struggle to get their thoughts on paper in a coherent manner. Proofreading services may help you with that! Our team of expert proofreaders and editors will make sure that regardless of what kind of document or material of daily life is required, it meets the fit-for-purpose standard and brings across the author's ideas in a coherent and clear way. The team also proofreads the document and views it from outside, thus producing the text in a way that it was intended to be.

We have reviewed documents including

  • CV and cover letters
  • Website editing/content rewriting
  • Letters and correspondence
  • Speeches
  • Letters to the Editor
  • Newsletters
  • Dating profiles
  • E-mails
Personal Grammar Check

Proofreading services guarantees 100% satisfaction. All our customers are satisfied –owing to our win-win approach: if the author is unhappy with the proofreading services provided, we offer his/her a refund or re-proofread the text for free. We also recommend you read this "Why we are recommending to use Proofreading Services for your Essay or Report" Proofreading.

Editing is a more intensive service that involves more than proofreading. It means suggesting more effective ways of expressing your ideas, and reworking your sentences to make them clearer and more concise. Editing therefore includes proofreading, but also means providing creative improvements in wording and style.At the end of each doctoral candidate's second year of registration, a copy of the policy and guidelines is sent to the candidate and to the supervisor along with the Doctoral Annual Report form. It is the candidate's duty to convey the guidelines to third parties (including any professional editor) engaged in checking the final version of the thesis or dissertation. Candidates must acknowledge in their thesis or dissertation any contribution by a third partyMost of our customers mention our friendly customer service as one of our main assets. For 5 years of operation we have been committed to providing our customers with fast, effective and constructive support. We work extended hours to promptly respond to your inquiriesWe employ only the best authors for our proof reading to ensure a quality service. All of our proofreaders are native English speakers, educated at least to Masters level (some hold a PhD) with extensive university teaching and examining experience. academic proofreading proof reading