Business documents are the impression a company makes to the public. Any letter, hand-outs, or another piece of information represents the company, especially when it is intended to appeal to the potential or existing customers. An ideal document improves the professional image that is communicated to clients and customers alike, thus being decisive for any successful business. Our business proofreading team supports individuals as well as corporations with huge workforce and ensures that every document of the correspondence, externally or internally, meets the highest standards and will be finished meeting the tightest deadlines.

We have reviewed documents including:

  • Website editing/content rewriting
  • Proposals and submissions
  • PowerPoint presentations
  • Advertising
  • Technical and scientific reports
  • Marketing literature
  • Business plans
  • Corporate annual reports
  • Newsletters
  • Press releases and media articles
Business proofreading and editing services

Business outlines are highly important for progress in business. Our editors in business field specialize in assisting entities present coherent and binding business plans. We will ensure that your business brief is easy to understand, justified and efficient . Our proofreaders fully analyze your business outlines and make it more convincing for the target audience. Our proofreadering team makes sure that your business outline contains: appropriate word usage.

The proofreading and editing services include offering constructive comments, where appropriate, on your overall style and argumentation. Neither service involves ghost-writing or substantial rewriting. This is so that your work may remain authentically your own. Proofreading Services concerns itself with language issues, but you must produce your own content. The emphasis in the proofreading service is on identifying deficiencies, whilst the editing service eliminates rambling and preserves your unique 'voice'. So please regard these services as useful tools to help sharpen the form of your writing, but don't expect the content of your argument to be rewritten. Guidance on writing an essay argument can be seen in the 'Thesis help' resources section.The proofreading side of the editing is the part that comes at the end of writing the thesis. While you will be checking your work as you go, the proof reading is where you stop writing and concentrate on accuracy and consistency - dotting the 'i's and crossing the 't's - after you have written the text.Finally, make sure that the editor you do choose can meet your needs, think about what you want them to concentrate on within the document such as focusing on style, ensuring an error-free document, or improving the flow of the document. It is your thesis or dissertation after all and you are employing us to help you polish your perfect final draft.Business editing is editing for businesses. It is proofreading, plus some rewriting, to ensure that your documents are absolutely ready for publication. Before you splash out on production costs, business editing will ensure your documents are clear, complete, and consistent. We will check spelling, grammar and punctuation, as well as overall style and presentation.