Posted on 30th Apr 2016 14:26:49 in Proofreading

 studying English


The prospect of learning English as a form of interaction and communication has become a forced necessity in today's world. If we consider other foreign languages, we can see that almost every sphere of modern social life depends on the knowledge of the English language today. The development of such global industrial technologies as engineering, aircraft industry, medicine, chemical and pharmaceutical sphere, etc. allows you to see that the fully fledged interaction of these areas on a global level takes place only in English. This increases the interaction progress in all global scientific and business community, as well as creates an openness of borders between countries and continents. English as a common form of communication provides an innovative approach to solving the many problems and challenges in the industry, medicine, education and other areas.

The prospect of studying the language English of all others is reflected in the problems posed by the global community. This ensures full interaction at all levels of society, religious, political, cultural, technical, and etc. Historically the study of the English language is stipulated by the high pace of world civilization development in the world community due to trade, cultural ties, United Kingdom expansion to other continents. These links in our time are necessary to outline unified innovative component in the global community and transfer to a common language of communication. This will increase the world's progress in the global planetary scale. Even today English is mandatory second language for studying at schools in many countries on different continents. Many parents send their children to special English language schools from early age. The prospect of learning English lies in increasing demand for professionals who know English. Now all technical, humanitarian and scientific documentation is duplicated in English. The vast majority of the international English-language TV channels appear.

Industrialization of the international community in all areas of scientific development requires active use of English in all spheres of cooperation between the two countries. Students exchange between the universities requires deep study of the English language from students. In recent years, English has become widely used among migrants, immigrants, scientists and specialists of different levels; this shows the establishment of a unified and easy communication among all nations, diplomats and religions. The use of the English language took its place in the educational, scientific and cultural development of each person.

Currently the most popular training courses are English language, proofreading courses and they have a huge development in all countries. These courses actively help millions of people around the world to study, which creates a strong base for the further promotion of language around the world. This suggests the need of learning English for everyone at any age, for all specialists and professionals. Nowadays, all modern technologies are described in the English language that provides their progress fast throughout the world and this trend has been increasing recently. All modern film industry is created in English. Therefore, for adults and children it is very important to get the knowledge of the English language; it gives an opportunity to watch movies in English, read books and communicate. All this helps you to join the communication in English. Work abroad in a good company is possible only with knowledge of the English language, so very many professional specialists strive to learn English as the most promising language of communication. At the same time, it becomes very popular to send children to English-language schools, which will give the basic knowledge on the level spoken language.

Knowledge of English as the language of international communication is determined by historical necessity of communicative interaction. At a certain historical stage linguistic competition took place, and English has won the competitive fighting being the best available constructive tool of international communication at all levels of society. Taking into the development of the modern world and creation of all the factors of formation various historical stages and aspects, English has proved to be a promising direction in the development of the whole society.