Posted on 2nd Mar 2016 14:32:47 in Proofreading

Writing and usage of abbreviations in the text assures the full range of meanings that allows quickly conveying the scientific article main idea and focus in the scientific paper in English. Letter abbreviations, meant any concepts from the respective areas of expertise, entered by author are used in the scientific texts in addition to the conventional letter abbreviations. At the same time, the first mention of such abbreviations is indicated in parentheses after the full name; further they are used in the text without explanation. This allows creating the structural mobility of the article with a particular context of the scientific article subject formation. Further using the abbreviation the phase of the semantic part of subject follows where the article is composed of different abbreviations that form the subject with the semantic meaning of the article. Convenience, utility and necessity of abbreviations usage in the text is characterized by the fact that the writing a scientific article is formed by regular repetition of such literal meanings. That is achieved by means of various rhetorical moves and phonetic speech techniques. Formation of the abbreviations due to optimal meaning, interrelation between them will be the most effective if correcting and verification of the text and abbreviations will be carried out by a professional proofreader. Such correction will concern all final interconnected texts due to abbreviations in the formation of the article. This is a very important point since so many magazines allow using the abbreviation in the publication of a scientific article. However, there are certain rules for the usage of abbreviations that should be checked and corrected by means of company - corrector (Proofreading services). Such kinds of abbreviations like letter abbreviations, difficult abbreviated words, conditional graphic abbreviations from the initial letters of the words, conditional graphic abbreviations from parts of words and initial letters are used in the scientific text.

Modern usage of abbreviations when writing a scientific paper is based on the phase-to-phase unity of the text part of the subject. Any detailed text can be arranged in a special set of abbreviations. At the very beginning of the subject the best core meanings ​​of abbreviations are chosen which a fragmentarily repeated word is. Then the interrelation of the semantic characteristics of a given word is formed which generally can be formed as a set of text symbols. Created abbreviation, which the structural interrelation of the subject to write an article in English is developed from, one should check and correct English firstly. This factor is accompanied by the need of proper correcting and coordination the subject meaning of every abbreviation with the whole article subject. Wrong and incorrect meaning of the basic abbreviations can only worsen the appliance and creation of these abbreviations for writing an article without checking and correcting of the text. Thus company – corrector’s checking and correcting formed abbreviations as a part of the article is very important. That makes the best usage of the semantic abbreviations ​​for the structural writing an article. This method of usage and selection of abbreviations in writing the text is very productive and useful for each scientific article. Detailed checking and correcting proofreading of the prepared articles in English let go through such correcting stages of the company as grammar and spelling checking when translated into English, phonetics and rhetorical moves control when using various abbreviations. Successful semantic combination of corrected abbreviations in an article greatly improves the quality of scientific article and effectiveness, which increases the author's possibility to succeed among the scientific community. Such set of abbreviations will be very useful in future scientific and research articles. This will create the necessary basis to create new opportunities to use abbreviations in scientific articles.

This procedure takes a very long time while self-checking and editing the articles with abbreviations as a whole takes a very long time, while the professional company - controlling and translation corrector promptly provides text verification and correction with usage of abbreviations in English. Proper usage and creation of abbreviations in the article is very well reflected in the overall structure of the article. Thus by making certain findings one can indicate that the usage of abbreviations when writing a scientific article is very important in the daily creation of a scientific article structure. Abbreviation plays a very important role in the creation of the compactness and convenience of a scientific article. The rapid process of many industrial technologies development is based on the researches and publications of new scientific and business articles. Such progress is reflected in the latest article publications where practice and ability to assemble and use the abbreviation in the text of a scientific article is confirmed by professionalism and scientific article author's contemporaneity. In this case, every article is interesting and specialized in its own way. The application and usage of abbreviations in a scientific article takes place in a consistent manner taking into account the subject of the article and its specificity.