Posted on 21st Nov 2016 00:43:54 in Proofreading

 Proofreading English


The man whose work is the editing of the text, must be perfectly competent. If we are talking about how to do all kinds of text editing, combining proofreading and editing, it is important to be still and sense of style in the text.

It is difficult to combine the ability to meticulously notice any grammatical or spelling error, at the same time analyzing everything in order with the text, there are no obvious stylistic problems. Different types of editing require different skills and knowledge, so the publishers proofreader and literary editor are usually two different people. But in the field of writing articles for the Internet, these responsibilities often fall on one person. He reads the article, correcting any errors, and ruled by them, in case if it believes that it is necessary, that is, performs various types of text edits.

Usually the work of the correctors is chosen by people who have an education in the field of Philology. Most often they are former teachers or teachers of Russian language and literature, owning grammar perfectly. But it happens that young specialists in publishing at first, it goes to the adjustment of the text.

It is monotonous, routine work, and to successfully cope with it equally well performing various types of text edits, you need to have perseverance and even some corrosiveness. Indeed, with unflagging attention to read someone else's text is not the easiest task. And if the text has to be read several times, such adjustment of the text becomes even more tedious. Plus, the eye "gets used" to the article, and some inaccuracies can be overlooked. Therefore, the ability to control attention is an important skill, which is necessary for the person making the different types of text edits.

If the adjustment of the text combined with the editing, then the person is imposed an additional burden. You must also analyse text, evaluate it and ensure that past watchful eyes slipped stylistic or compositional error. It shall enter into force one more thing: Many types of text edits that can cause dissatisfaction from the authors. The editor should be impartial, but to maintain a critical attitude to the material. There are editors who make at least something not correct in the text, and sometimes they ignore the author's style of presentation. Respect and tolerance to method statements, other than own – qualities that are added to those that should have a specialist adjust the text.

Usually distinguish the following types of text edits:

1. Subtraction. At this stage, the editor, first, generally decides whether the test of publication, and second, rules of spelling, grammar, punctuation and syntax errors. Sometimes all kinds of text edits are limited to the subtraction.

2. Treatment. If you need a literary correction of the text, it is done at this stage. Replacing bad words and structures, reformulation suggestions, and more.

3. Remodel. If the text is unsuccessful, then the editor sometimes we have to alter it greatly. In fact, the adjustment of the text sometimes means that you need to write a new text on the basis of what was provided by the author.

4. Reduction. If the article is too large for publication, correction of the text comprises including the reduction of its volume without a significant loss of content.

You can sum up. For a person making all sorts of text proofreading is very important the following skills: diligence, attentiveness, diligence, accuracy and a critical mind and a sense of literary style. Linguistic, journalistic or linguistic education is always a plus, since, if the proofreading text is the professional occupation of man, it is good if education has allowed him to acquire literacy and the ability to do all kinds of text editing.

The disadvantage of the work of a proofreader and a editor is what you need to spend much time at the computer. Most of the texts we have to read from the screen, and even for editors of publications this trend continues. If the correction text is for Internet, if not, the reading becomes mandatory, as many types of text edits we have to do immediately, in a text editor. Many experts at the end of the day getting real tired eyes, with years of work vision deteriorates. Plus, it's a sedentary job, so all its cons is also relevant.