Posted on 16th Dec 2015 13:41:31 in Proofreading

One of the most pressing problems of English science is a system of grammatical syntax and proofreading.  At the present stage of development of the grammar system description of the models English proposal can not be taken into account, first, the three-dimensional integrity (unity of form, meaning and function) deals, secondly, the paradigmatic model capabilities proposal and, thirdly, the extent of its (model) text conditioning.

Awareness of the three-dimensional integrity as a basis to identify a particular language unit led to a revision of priorities and to the abandonment of the priority forms of value and, therefore, to revise the priority klassifikatsionno-descriptive of the principle of representation of English proposals - submission of a list of block diagrams, deprived not only function, but and semantics.

The synthetic inflected language, what is English, of particular importance is the relation between syntax and morphology. And if in the descriptive grammar of researchers interested in the relationship between the component proposal and phrases, the grammar established the relationship between the explanatory value of the model suggestions and categorical value of parts of speech involved in the organization of a particular type offers. This attitude is the main criterion for the classification of the models in the concept of "communicative grammar of the English language" [Zolotov et al. 1998].

In contrast to the list of structural schemes, proposed a formal descriptive proofreading and grammar, classification proposals of communicative grammar based on the idea of the field. Field representation system involves basic distinction, basic, central structures and peripheral structures. The criterion for dividing becomes a sign izosemichnosti / neizosemichnosti: izosemichnost - Direct, the simplest form of the relationship between the morphologic and syntactic categorical value between categorical morphological and syntactic categorical value; neizosemichnost - mismatch categorical morphological and syntactic categorical values. The idea is that the most simple relation between morphological forms and types of syntactic value is a relationship in which the semantics of the predicate proposal coincides with the semantics of the language, molding predicate (action - the verb, the quality - an adjective, etc.) and semantics subjective component is represented by a corresponding subjective syntaxeme personal or substantive noun (subject of the action - personal noun in the name. nominative, the subject of state - dates. case, the subject of quantitative trait - kind of. deaths, etc.). Proofreading service can help to check grammar in English text. Communicative Grammar based his explanatory theory puts the idea of the triune nature of linguistic units, and thus connects the system of language and text research unit.

To connect to a study of the structure, semantics and functions are needed such linguistic "tools" that have found a link between words, sentences, and the text - in the first place, and the grammatical system and text - in the second.