Logical editing and proofreading and rules

Posted on 3rd May 2017 23:46:35 in Proofreading

The law of contradiction does not work if we assert anything and deny the same thing about the same thing, but considered at different times and  in different ways.

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PhD dissertation

Posted on 8th Apr 2017 00:08:34 in Proofreading

Candidate dissertation is a qualification work containing a set of perspective and relevant in terms of general theoretical orientation and practical significance of the results and provisions. It serves as evidence of the author's positive personal experience in applying scientific methods and techniques used in the field of fundamental and applied sciences, in the independent comprehension of the practical application of knowledge in pedagogical activity. 

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Proofreading of text editing: features of work with articles

Posted on 21st Nov 2016 00:43:54 in Proofreading

Editing and Proofreading of text matter that require the person as skills and qualities such as patience, meticulousness and care, but also some self-denial. The most important thing just don't work, and attentiveness. Not everyone has all the necessary qualities, but this is not enough.

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Which foreign language is the best for studying in the nearest future

Posted on 30th Apr 2016 14:26:49 in Proofreading

Emerging economic, political and industrial relationship between countries and continents, academic integration processes, which take place in our modern innovation world, form unified communication style between peoples and cultures. In the historical formation of application and use of a common language, English has become a large-scale means of communication.

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Creation of the scientific topic of the essay or dissertation in English

Posted on 25th Apr 2016 01:18:55 in Proofreading

The most in-demand perception of the relevant topics of the dissertations takes place in English, as an international language. As it is known, a lot of researchers and scientists communicate particularly in English

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Abbreviations when writing and reading English scientific articles.

Posted on 20th Apr 2016 22:44:51 in Proofreading

Modern college or school programs are elaborated taking into account all techniques for studying grammar and spelling. With the help of these techniques education system of will be aimed at obtaining the best results. 

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The usage of abbreviations when writing English scientific articles

Posted on 2nd Mar 2016 14:32:47 in Proofreading

Every time one writes a scientific article one can use abbreviation in the text of a scientific article very convenient and correct. Writing such text with abbreviations is characterized by that fact that the article becomes more compact and convenient for the reader. Also, it is important to use abbreviation in the text to quickly identify and refer to some concepts in a scientific paper.

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Proofreading and Syntax. General issues

Posted on 16th Dec 2015 13:57:17 in Proofreading


Syntactic and lexical semantics of syntactic units and their components differ in varying degrees of abstraction: syntax semantics - the highest level of generalization of lexical semantics. Proofreading  and syntactic and lexical semantics can be represented as different poles between which lies the area of transitional phenomena, reflecting different levels of abstraction. In this area the interaction of grammar and vocabulary are formed by structural and semantic types of sentences, phrases, etc.

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Problems of English science

Posted on 16th Dec 2015 13:41:31 in Proofreading

One of the most pressing problems of English science is a system of grammatical syntax and proofreading. At the present stage of development of the grammar system description of the models English proposal can not be taken into account, first, the three-dimensional integrity (unity of form, meaning and function) deals, secondly, the paradigmatic model capabilities proposal and, thirdly, the extent of its (model) text conditioning.

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Translation as a channel of communication

Posted on 16th Dec 2015 13:34:23 in Translation

Promising to consider translation as a channel of communication and interaction of cultures and languages, which in theoretical linguistics with the theme "language contacts." Study the nature and impact of translation into the language of the recipient can make a new direction in linguistics.

Translation or proofreading - it is always the source language adstrata, no matter how remote or geographically was a culture that gave rise to the original text.

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